Of The Aids

Our partner organization rollaid (Interlaken/Switzerland) collects wheelchairs and additional aids such as rollators, walkers, crutches, toilet chairs, etc., which cannot be reused in Switzerland. These are reconditioned as part of a program for the social and professional integration of young people and young adults, then loaded into containers and shipped to Ethiopia.

Aids that cannot be repaired are dismantled into their individual parts and fill the spare parts stores in Addis Ababa. In very rare cases we purchase new spare parts (for example flat tires). A large part of the donated mobility aids comes from the Swiss Disability Insurance (IV) aid depots, which are managed by the Swiss Working Group for Aids for the Disabled and Aged (SAHB). Other suppliers are specialized stores in the field of rehabilitation technology, institutions for elderly and disabled people as well as many private persons. The material is supplied by rollaid to Addis Guzo free of charge.