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This is Serawit. Serawit was 28 years old when our workshop team met her in Adama during an wheelchair assessment. Serawit is suffering from paraplegia, a disability resulting from damaging her spinal cord. “It happened on August 2014 when I was working in Saudi Arabia”. This was her first sentence she spoke when I asked what happen to her. She rarely smiled or laughed.  Then she continued: “My first challenge as a woman was the day I became disabled.” The woman she worked for was very mean, so she decided to escape from her work place. “I escaped by car and got in to accident. The car has been crashed. I was in a coma for about two weeks in the hospital. When I woke up, I was told that I never will walk again. Sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you expect”.

“Sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you expect”.




Originally Serawit is from Diredawa, East Ethiopia, but she moved to Adama because her parents died when she was a little girl.  Because the result of her 12th grade exam was not successful, she started to work in a cafeteria as a waitress. After a while she changed and started to work as a cashier because she was an active and fast learner. Sounds fun and easy?! But she ended up working long hours and late nights. That’s when she realized that she is working a lot but earning very small money, which did not even cover her daily expense. That’s why she chose to go abroad for work.

Currently, Serawit is living in Adama, in a one-room house that she rents. She supports herself by selling corn on the streets of Adama. In Addition to providing Serawit with a wheelchair, Addis Guzo also trained her and many others in basic wheelchair repairing and service, which she successfully accomplished one year ago. “Addis Guzo gave me access to mobility and therefore access to a new life. Also they provided me with skills to maintain and service my own and others wheelchairs.”

“Addis Guzo gave me access to mobility and therefore access to a new life”.

“The main reason that I am still alive is hope. When I was a child my parents taught me to be an independent thinker. I learned at a young age how to solve problems on my own. However, being in a wheelchair sometimes makes me feel weak. But I try to remember the strength I had once and that gives me hope.”

There are many stories like the one of Serawit. With a donation to Addis Guzo you help a great amount of people to get access to mobility, therapy, economic empowerment and therefore to leading an independent life and better wellbeing.

Thank you for your donation! Together we can make a difference!


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