Corona - social distance - solidarity - economy - exit strategy - state of emergency

Keywords that could lead to brainstorming, but actually lead more to an emotional storm. After a three-week interruption of work, we gradually resume our activities. In doing so, we pay attention to the safety of our employees.

We also support the population in our direct neighbourhood. With a pipeline from our project site, we supply the people with water and in cooperation with the local authorities, we help with the procurement of food and everyday goods for people in need.

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Less than half a year has passed since a little boy in a wheelchair cut the green ribbon to the new wonderful, multi-coloured playground, and thus opened the sensory garden and playground on our premises. And now white-red barrier ribbons dominate all over the world. Borders are being sealed. And what happens to Africa? Yesterday, Ethiopia declared the state of emergency for five months.

No one can estimate the effects of the virus for Africa, for Ethiopia. How can people wash their hands several times a day when there is no water available? How can you keep your distance when you live very close to each other? How can sick people be cared for when the health system is already overtaxed without Corona? In Switzerland, there are 4.24 doctors per 1000 inhabitants - in Ethiopia the figure is 0.1.

We are in close contact with Tamirat, our project manager. Our employees are, of course with full salaries, on leave until the end of April. After that, we will resume certain activities while observing the necessary safety measures. However, direct customer contact will only be possible again at a later date. We expect emergency situations especially for the women of our IGA (Income-Generating-Activities) groups. They will hardly be able to sell their products in the coming months, as their most important clientele, the foreign community, has largely left the country.

Our seamstresses were asked to do a large job for the UN.

Over the past few months, four volunteers have been supporting our physiotherapy team. The pictures show what makes our work so valuable: solidarity instead of social distance!

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We have no exit strategy. Rather, we would like to see the end to the state of emergency as soon as possible. And on our way through the crisis, we hope for a lot of solidarity.

Thanks a lot for your support!

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