Family is of the highest importance throughout. The term family is defined very broadly. “My sister” or “my brother” are not only indicators of direct family members but also are used for cousins extended relatives and family friends. Children often grow up with other family members like aunts and uncles. Many families take care of children in need. All in all Ethiopians take care of each other, whether close family, neighbors and friends.

We started the year 2017 with a big event in January for our Addis Guzo Family. We invited all our employees with their spouses and children to an Addis Guzo Family Day full of fun, games, music, delicious food and nice conversations. Since the beginning of  Addis Guzo 5 years ago our family has grown and we welcomed almost 70 people.

The Addis Guzo Family

If we expand the “African” understanding of family our project actually involves several hundred relatives:

> Our wheelchair workshop clients:

The wheelchair workshop has provided continuous services since its beginning. Close relationships have developed between clients and the workshop team. The quality of wheelchair provision and repair work has steadily increased.

Mescerem is completing her first wheelchair trial run with her new wheelchair made for her especially to be used by one-hand drive.

DSC00889Haile our client is delighted to see our team. Abye, Meron and Hailu not only brought a wheelchair and a toilet wheelchair, but they also brought an envelope with money, which they collected as a contribution from the employees of Addis Guzo.

Interdisciplinary cooperation: Meron from the workshop and Misile the physiotherapist fit together a sitting aid for Aron. For the mother this means a great relief in everyday life.

> Clients from our Rehabilitation Center for children with disabilities and their families:

Helen Nussli is an experienced occupational therapist. During her three-week volunteer assignment for Addis Guzo, she has brought a lot of new input into the activities of the Rehabilitation Center.

> Members of our IGA groups (Income Generating Activities):

IMG 0344
Our dollmakers - HAYA Dolls - together with Christine and Martina, their mentors.

DSC00295 Kopie
Yezena, the fourth member of the HAYA Dolls, unfortunately passed away in January. We miss her strength, her humor, her laughter and her friendship.

After painful processes with many discussions and after an intensive training the tailor group their button has unfastens. Now we hope that there will be no more confusion in their "sewing box".

Quality control with the candle makers: For almost one month Anna has provided her profound knowledge in the production of candles to the group Sunray Candles.

 DSC01020 Kopie
The pottery ladies are still at the beginning of the training. However, they are highly motivated and have already created amazingly beautiful products.

> The sports members:

The idea to send a wheelchair basketball team on the journey to Tokyo 2020 under the slogan "Cool Rolling" has brought a lot of momentum into our sport teams and into the training. We are fortunate that the International Committee of the Red Cross has the promotion of wheelchair basketball on its agenda. Teams are forming in different regions and a National Association will be established. Both are prerequisites for participation in international tournaments. Nevertheless, Tokyo is far off and remains a dream for the time being.

CoolRolling02 Kopie
With one klick to the short "Cool Rolling" film.

DSC00292 Kopie
Our female team also is highly motivated. No way is too hard(link), to come to the training.

In the context of people with disabilities, inclusion is the current keyword. Of course, this is also an issue in Ethiopia and in our project. Sometimes inclusion is just the way, quite by the way. Every week sportsmen with disabilities and without disabilities meet on our sports field.

Tamirat, our Country Director, is presenting results from a group discussion at a conference on the topic of inclusion.

Nurses from Holland and the "Cool Rollers" are playing wheelchair basketball together.

While Solome makes her first attempts to ride in a wheelchair(see video), the three men meet in the background and decide to organize a joint sporting event. This is how the Solome Inclusion Day was born.

DSC00999 Kopie
70 athletes in three sports (football, wheelchair basketball and basketball) play against each other.

It is a privilege of small Organizations that many initiatives are straightforward and quick to implement. For the following project we needed less than two months from planning to implementation. One of our IGA (Income Generating Activities) groups in the Oromiya region did not have a suitable working space. This is how the idea of ​​a container mini-workshop, the "Comiwo" project, developed.

scan 20170225 0003 Kopie 2
The first draft

The converted container is loaded for transport.

The first small workshop "Comiwo" (in slightly modified version) on the day of the inauguration.

On March 5, the Addis Guzo family became richer by one member.

IMG 0502
Zewdu is the specialist for everything electrical and electronic. Zerubbabel, his son, received a little brother.

With a picture of our happy Erus, we say thanks to all people who support and accompany us

Your support moves!

Many thanks
Marianne Locher, Christine Oberli, Regula Flury-Wahlen, Manuel Flury-Wahlen, Bernhard Wissler
The board of Association Addis Guzo

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