We accomplished the relocation of Addis Guzo to a new project site, and our project shines with new splendor. Seven years after Addis Guzo was “born” in Ethiopia, the next "phase of life" commences at a new location.

The windows have been cleaned, the rooms painted, the kitchen installed, the sports field concreted, the workbenches set up, and the therapy room furnished. The last months have been very intensive and hectic for Tamirat, our Country Director, for our project coordinators, Alexandra and Martina, as well as for the whole team of Addis Guzo. But the effort was worth it, the new "dress" is in place!

DSC01568 Kopie 2The wheelchair workshop is set up. Repair services have started, and many customers receive the long-awaited aids.

DSC01564 Kopie 2
Betty is happy about the wheelchair with auxiliary motor.

DSC01438 Kopie 2
First road tests with the new "car”.

DSC01277 Kopie 2
Quite often, the children of the day care centre make use of all the available space outside.

DSC01453 Kopie 2
Children’s and parents’ mood are cheerful and relaxed.

DSC01505 Kopie 2
The micro-business groups are also happy with their new workplaces.

IMG 1199 Kopie
And somehow their products radiate this happiness.

DSC01494 Kopie 2
On the sports field: There is a lot of training going on before the start of the big rainy season.

DSC01344 Kopie 2
With touching passion, the new 16-member dance group rehearse their first performance.

On May 3rd, a big inauguration party for Addis Guzo’s new home took place. Among the guests were our friends and acquaintances, clients and their relatives from all of our activity fields, representatives of partner organizations, the Ethiopian authorities, the Canadian Embassy and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), as well as the Swiss Ambassador Daniel Hunn.

These are the impressions of a wonderful celebration:

IMG 0941 Kopie
Meron explains the services of the wheelchair workshop to the Swiss ambassador, Daniel Hunn.

IMG 1012 Kopie
And Misile describes the day-to-day activities in the day care centre for families with disabled children.

A festival of encounters – on a wonderful day!

IMG 1039 Kopie
Meeting between guests and families of the day care centre.

IMG 0922 Kopie
Meeting between customers and "producers" of the handicrafts.

IMG 1052 Kopie
Meeting between athletes, high-ranking guests and organizers.

IMG 1108 Kopie
Tamirat, our Country Director, opening the official part of the ceremony.

IMG 1122 Kopie
Betty and Martina lead the program. Fully involved and taking centre stage: our youngest customers.

IMG 1228 Kopie
Speakers receive special gifts: here Ato Haile Gebreselassie from the Civil Society Organization Agency.

IMG 1016 Kopie
With great anticipation, the wheelchair basketball players wait for their performance...

IMG 1295
… to proudly present their talents and skills.

IMG 1184 Kopie
Dance trainers Jessie and Dave announce the performance of their dancers.

Unknown 9 Kopie
An impressive ...

Unknown 5 Kopie
. . . and touching performance.

IMG 1123 Kopie
The audience is enchanted.

IMG 1211 Kopie
There’s a lot of relief and gratitude at the end of the wonderful celebration.

IMG 1281 Kopie
And last but not least the big buffet!

DSC01634 Kopie 2
Everyone claps and dances at the exuberant after-event party – no matter if with or without disabilities, old or young, black or white, or anything in between!

DSC01629 Kopie 2

Exuberance even among the Addis Guzo women. A strong team!

. . . and also, at Addis Guzo

There still is an undeveloped area on the new project site. Even though the space in front of the "big wall" still seems empty, it is already filled with an idea!

DSC01335 Kopie
In joint action with the associations KuKuk-Kultur, rollaid, and the company Qualifutura, we anticipate to green up this area, and turn it into an adventure playground. More information will be sent out soon!

DSC01298 Kopie 2
Addis Guzo makes you happy ;-)

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