Within eight days, and with an incredible amount of intensity, vigour, sweat, teamwork, creative spirit, humour, enthusiasm, passion, and, and, and, a unique, enchanting oasis has been created on our project site. Under “About us - documentation”, a wonderful project description about “The Wall” is available.

The sensory garden and playground “The Wall”.

We would like to thank everyone, who accompanied and supported us with advice and action, money and spirit, wood and metal, and hammer and saw. The following pictures speak for themselves. They illustrate what we, the troupe of KuKuk-Kultur, the employees of Addis Guzo, the participants of Qualifutura and rollaid, the residents and children of the neighbourhood, the playground builders of Addis Ababa, and many more, have accomplished, and literally, how we set up the poles.

All this material needs to be processed.

DSC00118These people look forward to work together.

The first pole is set.

Lending each other a hand: Berni and Shewa

Eyasu und Daniel

With a lot of commitment, the neighbourhood children join the construction . . .

. . . and so do the employees of Addis Guzo: Betty from the secretariat, Meron from the workshop, Meseret the cleaner, Ajibe the driver . . .

DSC00502 Kopie
. . . and two playground builders, Mezgebe and Dawit from Addis Ababa.

DSC00200 Kopie
Day 3’s intermediate results.

Heiko and Berni bring colour into the timber work.

Johannes does not shy away from work at lofty heights.

One of the attractions of the playground: the partner swing.

Thanks to a special construction, the children from our day care centre can also experience what it feels like to be flying.

After eight days of intensive work, we opened the playground “The Wall: The ribbon is cut, and playing desired!

The visitors immediately occupy this enchanting place.

Children in highest concentration at the sandbox

DSC00145 Kopie
Another part of “The Wall” project: In the adjacent neighbourhood, we renovated the sewage system together with the population. Instead of the stinking sewer, now a green wave is spreading.

IMG 0692 Kopie 2
Of course, there is the picture behind the wall . . .

IMG 0695 Kopie 2
. . . and a picture outside the wall. Yet, many connections have already been made between people on both sides.

Thanks to the boundless cooperation of this colourful group, a wonderful place has been created, touching all our senses, but especially our hearts. While this group will depart with feelings beyond any description:

The playground “The Wall” will remain - hopefully forever!

“The Wall” is a joint project of the three associations, KuKuk-Kultur, Addis Guzo and rollaid, as well as Qualifutura, an institution for the social and professional integration of teenagers and young adults.

Now, in 2020, the eighth year of existence of our centre for people with disabilities in Ethiopia has begun. Due to the financial support by many donors, we can do our work! Thanks a lot for this support!

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