It is to be hoped that „social distancing“ will be chosen as the taboo word of the year. The future is blurrier than ever. What we really need in these times is solidarity: a sense of community, compassion and cohesion.


Often heard of and read time and time again: The pandemic is hitting people in countries with high levels of poverty particularly hard and widens the gap between the rich and the poor.

Masken made by Addis Guzo Kopie 2
We notice the impact of Corona first hand in our handcraft micro-business groups. Nevertheless, the tailors manage the situation quite well. They have adapted quickly, as they have started to produce and sell protective masks.

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The situation has become more difficult for the groups producing crochet animals and rag dolls. Most of the markets for handcraft in Addis Abeba have been closed and potential customers such as employees of international organisations, schools or companies, have left the country.

The women’s group run a joint social fund. They by themselves decided on an income compensations from this fund and surprised us with their solidarity among each other.

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What we need is a border-crossing solidarity.

To secure the income of the women in our micro-business groups new customers are desperately needed. The crochet animals and the Waldorf dolls are seeking for a new home. They are all made with love to be loved and deserve to be cuddled by children’s hands.

The following products are available:

the guileless herd of sheep and the innocent monkeys

the firm rhinos and the whise hippos

the friendly lion and the shy zebra

the faithful elephant and the cheeky donkey

the curious giraffe and the lonely rabbit

Lily Aby

Lily und Abi

Eli Pini
Eli und Pini

in different sizes and colours

Tuto und Hawi
Das cuddle-doll Tuto und die star doll Hawi

Pitiko and varius balls

Christine and Martina will be happy to answer your questions about the products and take orders:

Contact in Switzerland
Christine Oberli
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+41 79 197 85 04

Contact in Ethiopia
Martina Oberli
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+251 98 331 02 23

Furthermore, at Addis Guzo . . .

For a few weeks our centre was closed for our customers. We used this time to clean and prepare all the storage rooms, the workshop and the entire infrastructure.

Dok3 Kopie
everything is neatly set up and stored

Nathaly Kleist left us at the end of september for personal reasons. We would like to thank her for her great dedication and commitment as an external advisor and coordinator of the wheelchair workshop.
Dear Nathaly we wish you all the best for your future.

DSC01288 2
The Association rollaid in Switzerland has sent two more containers to Addis Abeba. These are container number 16 and 17 in just under three years. 
Thank you very much!

Despite all the exceptional circumstances, we face the future with confidence.

Addis Guzo
Moving forward together

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