Our Mission Statement

Mission - Goal

We are committed to helping people with disabilities in Ethiopia. With our actions we want to improve the living conditions of our clients and thus promote their active and self-determined participation in social life in the sense of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. We protect people's dignity and support their ability to help themselves and others.

Principles - Values

We act according to the principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence. We are committed to helping people of all ages, without discrimination and regardless of their ethnic origin, religious or political beliefs. Our attitude and actions are determined by the values of respect, solidarity, freedom, equality, tolerance and justice.

Target groups - areas of activity

The target groups of our activities include not only the people directly affected by a disability, but also their relatives, as well as other people from their environment. Our core activities include: providing our clients with mobility aids, organizing training sessions and accompanying them into independent employment, offers in the areas of physiotherapy and psychosocial therapy, accompanying them in activities of daily living and promoting sports activities.

Staff - Team

Our employees have the necessary skills for their field of work and act on their own responsibility. We support professional and personal development through participation in further training, but also through experiential learning. The exchange of knowledge enables continuous change and improvement of competencies and promotes team spirit. Each employee knows the tasks of his or her colleagues beyond his or her own work assignment.

Organization - Cooperation

Communication, cooperation and transparency are important to us. We see ourselves as a learning organization. We achieve an improvement in the quality of life of all those involved by maintaining proven structures on the one hand and through change, renewal and a willingness to shape things on the other. In the fulfillment of humanitarian tasks, we are an active and independent partner of the authorities at all levels. We maintain an open and reliable cooperation with other humanitarian organizations.


With our work we contribute to the awareness of society. We promote coexistence and respect between people with and without disabilities in Ethiopia. We are committed to doing this with the utmost care.