Addis Guzo

Addis Guzo is a Swiss recognized non-profit association with currently 46 members. Since 2012, we have been operating a center for people with disabilities in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, and are also involved in providing aid in five towns in the surrounding Oromo region. These include Adama, Fidsche, Bishoftu, Ambo and Sabeta. People with disabilities have access to our services regardless of their gender, age, social affiliation, political views or religious beliefs. 

The highest organ of the Addis Guzo association is the general meeting. The Board of Directors is responsible for the strategic and technical management of the projects in Ethiopia and for raising the necessary funds. The operational management is the responsibility of the Country Director and his management team in Ethiopia. The employees in Ethiopia are employed on the basis of Ethiopian labor law.

Addis Guzo is registered and recognized in Ethiopia as a Foreign Organization in accordance with the Civil Society Organizations Proclamation. We use donations very effectively. About 97% of the donations flow directly to Ethiopia, the expenses in Switzerland amount to about 3% of the total costs. This puts us far below the ZEWO reference figures, which give an average of 12% of funds for administrative expenses,7% for raising the necessary funds. All members of the association active in Switzerland work on a voluntary basis. In 2021, approximately 1000 hours of volunteer work were performed in Addis Ababa, and over 1100 hours in Switzerland.