Board Switzerland

The board of Addis Guzo consists of people who are closely connected to Ethiopia. All members have been to Ethiopia themselves, have lived and worked there and know the situation of people with disabilities first hand. Their involvement is voluntary and stems from a deep conviction that things can evolve and progress, and that every small step of change counts and can make a huge difference to an individual’s life.

Marianne Locher

Ref. pastor in retirement
Since Marianne worked as a nurse in Ethiopia from 1976 to 1977, she has been very attached to the country. With her many years of commitment, her knowledge and her rich life experience, Marianne is an important pillar of the association.

Occupational therapist, wheelchair specialist
For over 20 years he was the owner of the wheelchair company hock’n roll ag. He was instrumental in setting up the training program for specialists in rehabilitation technology and has been managing director of the partner association rollaid since 2018.


bäne 1
Bernhard "Bene“ Wissler
Project Manager
Christine Oberli

Teacher and special educator
Christine Oberli has over 30 years of teaching and special education experience. She is also well versed in many areas of the arts and crafts. She is responsible for the competence development program and the rehabilitation area.